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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Sunday  NBC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. the race for the white voters. >> breaking news tonight. run crash tonight. we'll show you who police are now looking for. good evening, everyone. i'm rod carter. >> and i'm melanie michael. thank you for joining us tonight. we begin in iowa, just hours away from the presidential caucus votes. >> the voting process finally begins tomorrow. newschannel 8's keith cate
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now live from des moines, where senator bernie sanders wrapped up a campaign rally just a keith? >> reporter: good evening, rod. good evening, mel. what a turnought for bernie sanders. i mean, this place was packed wall to wall. this happens to be the same college gymnasium where i covered hillary clinton just a few days ago. the numbers aren't even close. you can read into that what you will, but i'm thinking there may be an after party party still going on for bernie sanders tonight. bottom line, all of the candidates with a chance to win, place or show in the first in the nation caucus are giving everything they can and leaving everything on the campaign playing field. [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: he is fraction ali behind in the polls, but senator bernie sanders has momentum and appears to be peaking at the right time. the burn for bernie in iowa is strong as you can see by the
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the standing room-only younger iowans. >> sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> reporter: he had followers hanging on every word. talking to the people attending the rally for sanders, it's clear they are enthusiastic about what they believe he can do for him. they view him as an incorruptible populist fighter. >> all it is is a redistribution of the wealth a survive. dream. >> it is the american dream. time to live it again, right? >> make college affordable for us. see what happens. >> i don't have healthcare right now. i think it's too expensive. mandated by a law. i don't think i should be fined for not being able to afford >> reporter: these candidate rallies have swelled in size last week. we've seen firsthand the desperate appeals from the leading candidates, like
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and donald trump at his. >> get out of bed and caucus! >> reporter: we've also seen the steady rise in popularity for florida senator marco rubio, of the a solid gop debate performance. rubio is expected to place third or better tomorrow night among republicans. >> do you mind telling me who you're leaning towards tomorrow? >> i'm going to probably caucus for rubio. for me, he can win. i think the other people are too extreme and they turn me off. >> but i got to win this. >> reporter: the other florida candidate in the race, jeb bush, continues to struggle. his race may be a second tier battle now between the other republican governors. but of all the candidates we've seen since arriving in iowa, none have produced this kind of spectacle, spirit and passion, but will all of it translate into caucus support monday night? and that is the big question that will keep all of these candidates up all night and sweating all day tomorrow. we're going to be here live, covering all of the twists and
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monday night. results. they should come in quickly, we hope, and have a big answer for live report. it's been an exciting four days leading up to this caucus, rod. i can't wait to see the finish tomorrow night. behold. we'll bring it to you all live. >> definitely. keith cate, thank you so much. appreciate the live reports from des moines, iowa tonight. busy 24 hours ahead. the candidates will quickly move from iowa to new hampshire. the democratic presidential candidates will hold a final town hall debate, with voters there on wednesday. that's less than a week before votes are cast in its primary. the battle in iowa and new hampshire to win the presidential primaries is dominating the news cycle. newschannel 8's candace mccowan continues our coverage tonight, showing us why the type of campaigning we see in the early primary states is much different than what we'll see in florida. >> reporter: the stops in iowa and new hampshire have been
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the obvious reasons. >> because of our sequential nominating system, really that will set the stage for what eventually we have here in florida. >> reporter: but what it takes to appeal to voters in those early primary states is that face-to-face time. >> they will see retail politics. they will see their presidential candidates in town hall meetings, at diners talking to voters, town hall meetings answering tough questions. >> reporter: very soon, we'll see the attention of the candidates shift and while up close and personal was popular in iowa and new hampshire, florida, not so much. >> we see a lot of money spent on television and paid advertising and 30-second sound bites. but in new hampshire, the campaigns and the candidates have to be very grassroots oriented. >> we're just 45 days away from the primary in florida, as early primaries narrow down the candidates, sure to be bombarded with political television ads, trying to appeal to florida voters.
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newschannel 8. >> thank you, candace. our your vote live coverage from iowa continues tomorrow night. you can tune in tomorrow for keith cate's live reports on newschannel 8 for the outcome of the iowa caucuses. and now to breaking news out of sarasota tonight. police are looking for the driver in a deadly hit and run crash. police tell us a bicyclist was hit this evening while riding along u.s. 301 between 6th and 8th street. the driver sped off. the bicyclist died a short time later at the hospital. tonight, police need your help trying to track down a dark- colored toyota with front end damage. call sarasota police if you have any idea who it may be. the coast guard and clearwater police have called off the search for a missing boater for tonight. rescuers found the man's abandoned boat close to the sand key coast guard station and searched the water for his body. the boater's wife says her husband is suicidal. the search is expected to resume tomorrow morning. palmetto police are investigating a deadly shooting. this morning, police found 21-
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inside a house on 12th street drive west. the home is abandoned and police were checking on it after neighbors complained of people coming and going from it. the search is on for two car jackers who escaped after a police officer crashed into a pole. the suspects stole a car, then used it in multiple crimes. tonight, police need your help tracking them down. newschannel 8's john rogers is live in tampa with all the details. john, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: good evening, mel. it's been more than a day since the accident, but the scene looks fresh here. we have the tire tracks on the ground, lots of scratches on this pole, and debris still scattered on the dirt here. you can be sure tampa police are frustrated the criminals got away, so they are actively searching for them. just before 8:00 on saturday night, a police officer's pursuit came to a sudden halt. the officer slammed into this power pole at the intersection of lake avenue and taliaferro avenue. as you can see, the entire front of the car had caved in
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officials tell us he had just began a pursuit of this car he had spotted earlier. tampa police say this vehicle had been car jacked on friday and was involved in three robberies. so police were actively searching for it. when the officer spotted it, he began following it, lost control and slammed into this pole. by the looks of it, it's a wonder the officer wasn't badly hurt. he was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries. in the meantime, the suspects parked their car nearby and bolted. officials tried to find them, but without success. now they are on the loose and officers are determined to arrest them. right now we're still waiting for more information. we don't know the name of the police officer or more information about those suspects. we're still waiting more information. the story is still developing. as soon as we learn more details, we'll bring it to you. in the meantime, call tampa police if you know anything about the case.
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>> john rogers, thank you. a top priority for the department, i'm sure. hillsboro county deputies are asking for your help tonight locating two teenagers who escaped from the faulkenburg road academy. year-old anthony cook escaped about 9:15 this morning through a hole they cut in a fence. they were wearing green shirts and blue pants. crime stoppers tonight offering a reward up to $3000 for information that leads to their location and their arrest. a clearwater man tonight facing a dui manslaughter charge, after deputies say he hit and killed a motorcyclist while driving the wrong way. deputies tell us that kenneth cabral was driving north in the southbound lanes when he hit that motorcyclist head-on. this happened on county road 1 at burnham lane in dunedin last night. the motorcyclist, john sorensen, of clearwater, later died at the hospital. comedian bill cosby heads back to court this week. >> we'll explain why his attorneys say it will be for
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>> also ahead, volunteers clean up after the pirate invasion. why it was so much fun for some four-legged helpers. . >> and we'll be starting this work week off with warmer temperatures, reaching close to 80 degrees by the middle of this week. we'll have more on the warming trend and also our next chance for rain, coming up in your
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. all eyes will be on a pennsylvania courtroom this week, as bill cosby and his attorneys try to get the sexual assault case against him thrown out. cosby's attorneys now claim the entertainer is protected under an agreement with a past district attorney. kristen dahlgren has a preview of what we can expect. >> mr. cosby? >> reporter: bill cosby will be back in a pennsylvania criminal court tuesday, but his lawyers say it should be for the last time. attorneys for the comedian claim the former district attorney made a deal years ago not to prosecute cosby, in exchange for his deposition in a civil case brought by accuser andian constan.
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the current da says there's no evidence of that written agreement from the time. >> reporter: in the 2005 deposition, cosby admitted to obtaining quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with. at the time, da bruce caster didn't charge cosby with a crime. >> i remember thinking that he probably did do something inappropriate, but thinking that and being able to prove it are two different things. >> reporter: caster is expected to testify at tuesday's hearing, but cosby's lawyer at the time has since passed away and according to his current attorneys, critical evidence of the agreement has been lost. cosby's been charged with three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting constan at his pennsylvania home in 2004. constan is more than one of 50 women who have accused the star of sexual misconduct. his lawyers denied the allegations and vow to fight them all. their next round is scheduled
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to a judge to say if the criminal case against the man once known as america's dad will ever make it to trial. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. a second virginia tech student is now facing charges girl. the remains of nicole madison lovell were found saturday, disappeared from home. 18-year-old david eisenhauer is now charged with her abduction and murder. police now say he had an accomplice. >> 19-year-old natalie marie keepers has been charged by blacksburg police with one felony count of improper misdemeanor account of accessory after the fact in the commission of a felony. >> police say eisenhauer knew her death. her body was discovered in north carolina. they still don't know how or why she was killed. the world health organization will hold a rare emergency meeting on monday to discuss ways to battle the spread of the zika virus. the organization is expected to
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global public health emergency. officials now fear the number of people affected in 23 countries and territories in the americas could eventually reach 4 million. the mosquito-borne virus can cause birth defects. opposing side in syria's gruesome civil war are meeting ending the blood shed. however, they are not meeting with each other. a u.n. special envoy is trying to mediate between the regime. more than 300,000 people, including many civilians have died in syria's civil war. general motors is kicking its efforts to build a self- driving car into high gear. the company is creating a dedicated autonomous vehicles team that starts working on monday. it will be led by one of gm's vice presidents. the goal is to figure out a strategy to make gm the leader in self-driving technology. the company says the move shows self-driving cars are not just
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well, after going through a seven-month, $740,000 renovation, the rockey point golf course is ready to reopen. the grand reopening ceremony 9:30. 6315-yard course is on dana shore drive. the renovations include new greens, tee boxes and fairway bunkers, and mayor bob buckhorn will be one of the speakers at the ceremony. we hope you had a fantastic weekend at gasparilla. the pirates have left tampa, but the cleanup efforts have just begun along bayshore boulevard. beginning first thing this morning, a team of more than 100 volunteers from the florida aquarium, keep tampa bay beautiful and the city of tampa were out cleaning up trash and beads along the way. we also found some four-legged helpers who folks tell us enjoyed some of that dirty work. >> this is like christmas morning to these guys. they love coming out here, looking for all the old food. guess their favorites are buns.
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chicken bones, but definitely favorite. and melted popsicles and fritos and all that kind of stuff. >> and if you didn't get any beads in the parade, not sure how you couldn't, but if you didn't, some were caught in the the volunteers used poles to reuse them next year. >> we have a slide show of all the festivities, all at in the gasparilla section. . we definitely had excellent weather for gasparilla this year. today, the weather just as nice, made it up to 73 in tampa, tracking even warmer temperatures heading into this coming work week. highs will be above average over the next several days, although we are already tracking our next cold front. it's that time of year.
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it will be bringing us a cooldown behind the front and also enhancing rain chances late wednesday into early through. so on your weather max forecast, you can see we're looking at quiet conditions to start off tomorrow morning. low 60s, just cloud cover around. heading into the afternoon hours, we'll top out in the mid to upper 70s, bringing in just a slim 10% chance of a stray shower. conditions. this morning, some clouds around. tony caught this gorgeous sunrise from lakeland. love the photos. if you have more photos to share with us, head to our facebook page, twitter, instagram. we love to see your weather photos. now clouds around, no rain expected for the rest of tonight. looking at dry conditions really across the southeast, pretty quiet. a cold front off to the west, but it's not heading in our direction. it's going to be a while, the end of this week before we see our next front arrive. quiet conditions through the
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clouds tomorrow night, mild. nothing more than a light sweater needed even during the early morning hours. by afternoon, you won't need the jackets. we'll bring in the slight 10% chance of sprinkles or some light showers monday afternoon, so keep that in mind. but most of us looking at partly cloudy conditions, warm temperatures. tuesday, even warmer. we're looking at highs right near 80 degrees for most of us. also we'll be watching for fog in the morning hours as well and some sea fog that will stick around through the day on tuesday, with some deeper moisture around, but still slim around 10%. wednesday, we're watching our next front off to our west, but throughout the day on wednesday, it does look pretty much dry for us. it's late in the day where we start to bring up our rain and storm chances. but thursday looks to be the around here. we're, of course, watching the timing for you to see if the front speeds up or slows down. currently, just looking at some wednesday evening. most of the day thursday, we
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we could even see showers still well. temperatures for most of us are still in the 60s. brooksville. crystal river. mild across the southeast. you have to head farther north to get the winter-like weather. 24 in billings. 28 in salt lake city this evening. so again, what to expect for the first half of this week? conditions. notice tuesday and wednesday we degrees. then the front moves through and looks like on thursday, we'll have to watch the timing, as it has shifted over the last couple of days. thursday looks to be the day you don't want to leave home without the umbrella and keep the jacket handy, because temperatures will fall back throughout the day. notice we're falling back into the mid-60s for friday, then all the way through next weekend. next weekend looks a little cooler than this past one, but hey, next couple of days, getting near 80. been a little bit since we've seen a warmup like this. >> we keep hitting highs and lows.
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>> winter in florida. >> exactly. >> keep the sweaters on standby. >> thank you, julie much. the road warrior foundation held its hops for heroes brewery fund-raiser this afternoon. the event featured a home brew competition and silent auction. the event benefits veterans in the road warrior foundation, helping those who have been injured while serving. >> we do things on the water with sea-doos, do things on land with side-by-sides and atvs. we call it adventure therapy. it's a good way for our veterans to help find themselves, forget about their troubles and bring themselves up into a better place. >> and we applaud all the work they do. by the way, craig anders was injured while serving in the air force. he started the road warrior foundation three years ago with a fellow air force pilot. when it comes to diversity, the screen actors guild awards
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>> the message some winners had for oscar organizers. >> and let the super bowl hype begin for next sundays showdown believe. rod wants some. >> nope, nope, nope.
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. super bowl 50 is one week away, and today the carolina panthers and the denver broncos both arrived in california for next sunday's showdown. in charlotte, screaming fans lined the streets as the panthers headed out to the airport. you got to check out these pants, these zebra pants that quarterback cam newton is wearing. yeah, okay. center ryan khalil said the crowd was awesome. >> yeah, it's great. i mean, the city of charlotte,
11:25 pm
community has been awesome all season long. they have been a big part of our success this year. >> and despite what melanie thinks, i do not want cam newton's pants. meanwhile, broncos scored least their plane did. peyton manning and company arrived in san jose, california preparations for super bowl 50 are well under way at levi's california. giant carolina panthers and denver broncos flags are hanging at the home of the san francisco 49ers. excitement is building, as passers-by took pictures of the stadium transformation. even canines are getting into the spirit there. >> come on, rod. really? who are you trying to fool? >> i don't want 'em. the diverse winners of last night's screen actor's guild awards represent a starke contrast to the all-white academy award acting nominees announced this month, to criticism and boycotts by some. steve patterson shows us the
11:26 pm
for oscar organizers. take a look. >> reporter: the night could be summed up with one sentence. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse tv. >> reporter: calling it like they saw it, after the second win of the night. >> viola davis. >> queen latifah. >> reporter: one of several statues awarded to a nonwhite nominee at the screen actor's guild awards. this was hollywood's night to showcase diversity. >> look at the stage. this is what we talk about when we talk about diversity. >> reporter: all in direct contrast to this year's academy awards nominations. not a single actor of color up for an oscar in any of the major categories. sag winner viola davis says diversity is an ongoing battle. >> we have become a society of trending topics. diversity is not a trending topic.
11:27 pm
season, it's become a viral discussion. the #oscarssowhite sparked for the second year in a row. now a hollywood boycott with the academy making changes to diversify its membership. >> it's okay to evolve and change and grow. >> i think the sag award winners was an absolute rebuke to the academy and their failure to nominate any nonwhite actors. >> reporter: between the two awards shows, there's a sizable difference in voters. the sag awards have four times as many members voting for its nominees. >> i think a message was being sent by the actors that they want a more diverse group of candidates and they want more diverse winners. >> reporter: last night's celebration of color, adding even more fuel to the fire for critics, who say that come oscar night, all we'll see is gold and white. steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. some bucs players made their presence felt in hawaii. >> coming up, dan lucas and paul ryan will show you how doug martin and his teammates
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that's coming up next on super,
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. tonight's winning lottery numbers. . and a final look at your forecast with julie. your work week looking spectacular! >> yes, especially the first half of the week, warming up nicely. tonight, mild in the low 60s. tapping out in the mid to upper 70s tomorrow afternoon. just a slim 10% rain chance. really warm the next couple of days. then by the end of next week, we bring back up the rain chances a bit. prepare for that. >> almost 80 in late january. i'll take it.
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do not go anywhere at all. don't move. >> coming up, bolts goalie ben bishop can make saves and passes. dan lucas and paul ryan will have nhl all-star highlights. and more on the zebra pants possibly? nope. >> nope. putting those to rest. >> supersports sunday, minus the zebra pants, coming at you
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